Is it okay if I have absolutely no idea how to make a board game?
More than okay, that is awesome. We applaud your spirit of adventure. Not to worry — part of Board Game Jam is about us guiding you through the process. All you need is an imagination and some gusto (plus, it helps if you’ve played a whole lot of board games.)

Do I need to come up with a game idea before the event?
Short answer: no. Long answer: The more prep work you can do the better. That might mean having a rough outline of a game already in your head. Or it might just mean wanting to do a game about chainsaw-wielding kittens. But rolling up all tabula rasa-styles is perfectly cool; we’ll even have a brainstorming session at the start!

What happens with the board game after it’s completed?
We’re going to have a big ol’ board game party where people will play your freshly minted game. Plus, the best games win something (more details on that part later.) After that, you take it home, put it in a box, and teach your grandkids to play it in 50 years. Or, hell, maybe you even keep working on it and try to get it published.

Where does the money from ticket sales go?
All money goes directly to purchasing resources for the event.

Do I need a team? How big can teams be?
You can participate on your own, if you like, but coming with a team is encourage. There are no restrictions on team size, but 2-4 is a good number. Keep in mind all your team members need to purchase a ticket.

I make videogames. Is this still relevant to my interests?
Of course! Board Game Jam is a great opportunity to finally create that paper prototype you’ve been planning to make.